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Sheriff Strickland is a native of the Walterboro region, born and raised  just  outside the city limits in Colleton County, never leaving where he came from he continues to reside and raise his family in his home town.  He has two beautiful children Hannah Grace Strickland and Robert Ransom Strickland, active in the community he is currently a member of the Edgewood Baptist Church located in Walterboro. Sheriff Strickland having a desire to pursue a career in law enforcement at an early age, he decided to join the law enforcement explorer program.  This program allows teenagers that have an interest in law enforcement to experience training that relates to what officers experience in their everyday routine, it also exposes them to being proactive in the community they serve, leading many to lean towards law enforcement careers within their community.  After graduating from Walterboro High School Sheriff Strickland envisioned that he to, wanted to pursue his law enforcement career in his home town.  Upon graduation he started taking college courses at University of South Carolina Salkehatchie campus, Sheriff Strickland applied and was hired on with the South Carolina Highway Patrol  working as a telecommunications operator by night and taking his college courses during the day to obtain his associate degree.

Sheriff Strickland knew by working his way through the ranks learning every jobs responsibilities, functions and procedures associated with law enforcement he would respect every positions hard work and dedication along with making him a well rounded officer.  Sheriff Strickland graduated with his Associate of Applied Science degree, interested in giving back to his own community he applied with the Colleton County Sheriff's Office and was hired on as a deputy.  After training on the job for a short while they sent Sheriff Strickland to the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy where he completed his ten week training course, he graduated obtaining his certificate as a law enforcement officer.  For the next fifteen years Sheriff Strickland would continue his training to build a decorated career with the Colleton County Sheriff's Office as a deputy, a Game Warden with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and as a State Trooper with the South Carolina Highway Patrol.  Sheriff Strickland has received several  honorary awards throughout his law enforcement career including "Trooper of the Low Country" as well as an "Award of Valor" from the South Carolina Highway Patrol.  In his current position as the Sheriff of Colleton County, he serves as a member of the South Carolina Sheriff's Association alongside forty five other Sheriff's in the state of South Carolina.  Sheriff Strickland is currently the youngest sheriff in the state at just a mere thirty nine and is in the process of serving his second term as the Sheriff of Colleton County. 

Sheriff Strickland had to grow into adulthood rather quickly, with the sudden loss of his parents at such a young age in life, this granted him a better understanding and appreciation for people grasping the fact, you never know who you will encounter, how long you will have with them or the impact they will make on your life.  Sheriff Strickland's values for life haven't changed since he first took office seven years ago, he believes having a great support system, being a team player, never forgetting where you came from and doing the right thing with having the best interest of all people in mind is what helps him remain humble.  Sheriff Strickland  believes anyone can do anything they set their mind to if the determination is there, he takes that quote to heart with this position everyday.  Everyone makes mistakes regarding their job no matter what title you hold, life throws you a curve ball sometimes, how you react to the curve ball is what matters, coming back stronger and smarter learning from our mistakes to see what we could do differently for the betterment of our community.  "I myself could not do this job alone,  the men and women of the Colleton County Sheriff's Office and myself are a team, consistently  working together by reassuring the residents  of Colleton County we will go to great lengths to provide them peace of mind.   Whether it's lending an ear to listen to someone's troubles,  helping someone change a tire or having deputies patrol an area more often due to suspicious activity.  The Colleton County Sheriff's Office is here for the well-being of our community, it's just that simple."   Said Sheriff Strickland.