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The Colleton County Victim and or Witness Assistance Program is dedicated to assisting and providing services to victims and witnesses. Our specialized staff realizes the devastating effects that a criminal act has on a victim or witness.  The Victim and or Witness Assistance Program provides services to victims and witnesses from the time the crime occurs, during the investigation and through participation in the criminal justice system. 

If you or a loved one were injured by violence, such as:
-Assault Homicide
-Domestic Violence
-Sexual Assault
-Felony DUI with bodily injury
-Felony DUI with death
-Reckless Homicide

The crime must be a criminal offense.
We may be able to help you put the pieces back together.
Contact Colleton County Victims Advocate: Lynette Fryar - contact information located on the administration page.

South Carolina Crime Victims Responsibilities:

You must provide a law enforcement agency with:
-Your legal name
-Current mailing address
-Current phone number

A victim who wishes to receive restitution must provide an itemized list of the following:

-Value of property stolen, damaged or destroyed
-Property recovered
-Medical expenses, counseling expenses or both
-Income loss as a result of the offense
-Out of Pocket expenses incurred as a result of the offense
-Other financial losses that may have been incurred
-Itemization of financial recovery from insurance, victim's compensation fund, or other sources.

The items may be included in a written victim impact statement. A victim who wishes to present for any pleas, trial, or sentencing must: Notify the prosecuting agency of his or her desire to be present - may be included in a written victim impact statement.

​A Victim who wishes to submit a written victim impact statement must provide it to the prosecuting agency or summary court judge within appropriate time limits set by the prosecuting agency or summary court judge.  A Victim who wishes to make an oral victim impact statement to the court at sentencing must notify the prosecuting agency or summary court judge in advance of sentencing. 

South Carolina Crime Victims Constitutional Rights

To preserve and protect victims rights to justice and due process regardless of race, sex, age, religion, economic, status, victims of crime have the right to:

-Be treated with fairness, respect, and dignity
-Be free from intimidation or harm throughout the criminal and juvenile justice process

-Be informed about victims rights

-Be reasonably informed about criminal proceedings

-Be informed if the accused is arrested, released, or escapes

-Confer with the prosecution before the case is heard in court

-Be present at criminal proceedings where the accused has the right to be present;

-Be heard at proceedings affecting bond, bail, release, pleas or sentencing

-Have reasonable access to documents relating to the crime before trial

-Receive restitution from the adult or juvenile offenders

-A reasonable, prompt and final conclusion of the case